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Our updated pallet storage policy for 2020:

We offer pallet storage facilities in Tilbury where the first ten weeks are free of storage costs. The day of arrival of the product counts as the start date. This is also valid for returned pallets from an UK location.After these ten weeks you pay 50 pence per pallet per week or part thereof.

We want to emphasize that we operate a feed-through depot with temporary interim storage.If your products have been with us for longer than six months, we will ask you to come and collect them. This is mainly reduce old stock and to prevent getting health and safety issues.Up to six months, the quality of the pallets and packaging is still sufficient to be able to load and transport without any problems. After six month this can lead to problems for which we cannot accept any responsibility.

Special Projects:

Exceptions can be made for special projects.This always after consultation whereby we can agree on an adjusted period for storage against a number of special conditions such asa determined quality of pallets and packaging material and an adjusted quotation per project in which the extended storage period is included in the rate.

Transitional period until 31-03-2020:

We understand that this cannot be arranged overnight. A transition period of three months is in place to achieve this.